Migration to PPMS

New booking system. This system can be found here:

At the top left of this page you can see which facilities and systems have already been migrated.
PPMS info:
help via:

internal users (have a MPI-CBG Account or have internal funding)

Your use account already exists. Please use MPI-CBG username (not email) and password for login.

external users (everyone else)

For most external users your account should already exist. Your username should be your email address we have on file. If you do not know it, you can use the dropdown box on the PPMS login page to find your username. If your account does not appear in this list you can follow the instructions on the PPMS login page to request a new account. If you do not know your password you can also reset your password from the PPMS login page.

PPMS migration 2022

The booking interface forwardes you to PPMS,
if a system has been migrated.

Facilities migrated to PPMS: last update: 2022-12-02